Other Elevator Materials

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Boy Photocell

The height photocell complies with international standards. Socketed and Easy to Install with Durable Cables. Provides Sensitive and Effective Protection with Cross Scanning.

Deflection Pulley Protection Sheet

Elevator Deflection Pulley Protection Sheet

Motor Pulley Protection Sheet

Motor Pulley Protection Sheet is used to prevent the ingress of foreign substances that prevent the pulley in the machine from working.


The guardrail ensures the safety of the personnel on the elevator car during elevator maintenance.

Rope Bottle 10-11 mm

Elevator Rope Bottle 10-11 mm

Rope Bottle 6-8 mm

Elevator Rope Bottle 6-8 mm

Rope Bottle 6.5 mm

Elevator Rope Bottle 6.5 mm

Seperator Sheet

Seperator Sheet is designed for the safety of personnel during maintenance by being attached to the weight carcass inside the elevator shaft. Dimensions vary according to the rail spacing.

Skirt Sheet

Skirt Sheet is a safety device that ensures the safety of the user in order to close the gap between the shaft and the stall due to the elevator car not stopping at the floor level in the shaft for any reason.