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Antigron Cable H05VV-U H05VV

Antigron cables are suitable for use in all types of low voltage connections, distribution boards and industrial installations.

Flat Flexible Cable

Flexible flat cable is used as control connections in elevators. Flexible flat cable is used for projects with a travel speed not exceeding 1.6 m/sec, free hanging length not exceeding 35 meters, ambient temperature between -40 - 0 C and 60 - 0 C. Although they can be used for short distances, 24 conductor steel wire supported cables can be used in installations with a free hanging length exceeding 35 meters. This cable is manufactured in accordance with TS EN 50214 standard.

Installation Cable H05V-K, H07V-K

Designed with annealed electrolyte flexible copper conductor feature, PVC insulation type TI1.

NYA Cable H05V-U, H07V-U / H07V-R

NYA cables are used in indoor or dry locations, in distribution boards, in fixed installations/installations, in pipes laid under or above plaster.

Special Flat Flexible Cable

Flat flexible elevator cable is also available as CCTV (coaxial cable), digital telephone cable.