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Metal Base Types

You can contact us for metal elevator floor / floor types. It is especially used in the floor coverings of our freight elevator cabins. Baklava sheet metal or aluminum options are available.

PVC Elevator Flooring

Another type of elevator floor covering is Antibacterial PVC floor covering. In the floor coverings of our elevator cabins, if natural or special granite stone is not preferred, black or brown Antibacterial PVC floor covering is also offered to our customers as another option.

Special Granite Base Types

You can examine our special granite stones that are elevator floor covering. These special granite stones applied to the floor section of our elevator cabins make the elevator cabin look more aesthetic and elegant.

Standard Granite Floor Types

You can examine the standard granite types we have applied in our elevator cabins. The floor section of the elevator cabins we produce are granite stone models that we apply as standard. You can look at the floor types section for different granite patterns or floor coverings.