Stretcher lifts are generally available in carrying capacities up to 1,600 kg, 2,000 kg and 2,500 kg, with car speeds ranging from 0.40 m/sec to 3 m/sec.

Such elevators are widely used, especially in medical facilities such as hospitals, health centers, health centers and nursing homes.

The design of stretcher lifts should comply with the standards so that they can carry at least one stretcher and one companion. In addition, hygiene rules must be observed and anti-bacterial measures must be taken. Stretcher elevators are designed with the comfort of patients in mind and their interior decoration is usually made of stainless steel. In addition, the lighting level should be adjusted so as not to disturb patients. Stretcher elevators have lower car buttons and wider doors than other elevators. Measures must be taken against power outages.

Stretcher elevators can be preferred as semi-automatic, fully automatic or hydraulic. This diversity offers solutions for different usage scenarios and spatial needs.

It should be reminded that stretcher elevators should be regularly maintained by authorized elevator maintenance companies. Human life is above all else and the safety and performance of these elevators is always a priority.