Panoramic elevators, the most distinctive feature that distinguishes them from other elevator models is that one or more walls are made of glass.

This feature offers users a visual treat. The glass panels are durable and do not shatter when broken, protecting the safety of panoramic elevator users.

They are generally preferred in panoramic elevators, business centers, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, hotels, restaurants, large metro and train stations.

These elevators have carrying capacities ranging from 4 to 21 people.

Panoramic elevators are surrounded by glass, so users can see outside the cabin while traveling. This offers a more relaxing experience than closed elevators and is soothing for those with a fear of elevators.

They also offer spatial advantages, as panoramic elevators can be installed indoors or outdoors. This provides flexibility of use within the structure.

Panoramic elevator models can be designed in different shapes such as round, square, triangular depending on the requirements of the building. This ensures aesthetic diversity and harmony.