It is a fact that it can often have a negative impact on the aesthetics of buildings with engine rooms. However, today this problem has been overcome with elevator technologies that do not require a machine room.

Elevators operating with gearless machine motors have eliminated the machine room problem. These elevator motors are frequency-controlled, so they stop and start smoothly during the travel of the elevator car and operate quietly and vibration-free, providing users with a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Gearless machine motors are more advantageous than geared motors in terms of energy savings. This increases energy efficiency.

Such elevators are generally preferred in residential buildings, bus terminals, airports, multi-storey business centers, shops, shopping malls, cultural, health and educational facilities.

Architects and building designers prefer machine roomless elevators for energy efficiency, space saving and user comfort.

Advantages of machine roomless elevators:

  1. It takes up less space in the structure, thus saving space.
  2. It can be easily applied, so it fits any type of structure.
  3. It saves 40% energy, which is economical.
  4. Gearless elevator motors prevent noise pollution.
  5. The operation of gearless machines is extremely reliable, quiet and vibration-free.
  6. Suitable for buildings with heavy human traffic.
  7. It does not add additional load to the static load of the structure.

Remember, regular maintenance of machine roomless elevators should be carried out by authorized elevator maintenance companies. Human life is paramount and the safety and performance of such elevators is a priority.