Human elevators should be produced in accordance with the traffic flow analysis and elevator project during the design phase of the buildings.

Especially in human elevators, the choice of mechanical or hydraulic elevator based on carrying capacity, travel speed and traffic calculations is of great importance.

According to the usage area of human elevators, comfort, interior decoration and hygiene are priorities. Elevator cabins can be decorated with different materials in accordance with the preferences of the users, offering options such as laminate, wood, stainless steel, laminated glass. With the development of technology, elevators can be enriched in terms of elegance and aesthetics by equipping them with different features such as automatic doors and touch buttons. The use of folding doors (e.g. Kramer Door) in elevator cabins for user safety is a requirement of elevator regulations.

Remember, regular maintenance of human elevators is of great importance and should be carried out periodically by authorized elevator maintenance companies. Human life is paramount and safe transportation is always a priority.