The orders received by Avrasya Elevator are produced in the highest quality by going through a detailed technical examination and project design process.

As Avrasya Elevator, each elevator cabin is designed in the most suitable dimensions for each elevator cabin order, taking into account customer demands and shaft dimensions. After the approval of our customers, the production program prepared by our engineers and technical team is taken into the production program and the production process starts. The various parts of the elevator car undergo the necessary processes such as cutting, bending, punching and laser processing.

During the assembly of the outer body of the elevator car, our engineers and technical team meticulously check its compliance with the project prepared by our engineers and technical team.

Once the inspection is complete, the interior decoration of the elevator car begins. Interior finishes and accessories are carefully decorated in accordance with our customers’ wishes for the project. When the interior decoration process is completed, the elevator cabin and its components are subjected to final controls by our engineers and technical team.

The elevator car, suspension, weight carcass and components are prepared for shipment after the final inspections are successfully completed. The disassembled and packaged products are labeled with company information, construction site and content information. This is extremely important to avoid confusion. Once packaging and labeling is complete, we provide shipment information to customers.

As Avrasya Elevator, we work meticulously to provide the best service to our customers at every stage and guarantee the quality of our products.