Leave your competitors behind… The elevator industry is constantly evolving and the expectations of users are increasing day by day. That is why we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products, enhance our designs and provide higher standards of service.

As Avrasya Elevator, we customize the interior decoration of the elevator cabins we produce according to customer preferences. In this way, we offer a wide range of products to our business partners. We produce our elevator cabins with different options such as stainless steel cladding, decorative stainless steel cladding, furniture patterned cladding, special embroidered furniture cladding, laminate cladding, picture laminate cladding, laminated glass cladding, picture laminated glass cladding, special stone cladding, ChromaLuxe picture cladding, membrane cladding.

The mirror part of our elevator cabins offers different decoration options such as full length, half length, medium full length and double 1/3 full length mirror. Elevator handrails can be designed as single, double, triple, triple, quadruple half stainless or special stainless handrails.

We use 20 mm natural granite for our floor coverings, but we also offer alternatives such as special granite, tempered glass, picture glass, antibacterial PVC coating upon request. In the cargo cabins, there are different floor options such as diamond patterned sheet metal, stainless steel sheet metal, and corrugated aluminum.

We use special patterned glass, special furniture veneer or laser patterned stainless steel on the ceiling. As ceiling lighting, we offer fluorescent, led or spot lighting options designed not to disturb users.

We have developed some assembly solutions to ensure faster and more practical installation during assembly, a feature that distinguishes our elevator cabins from others.

Ventilation systems inside elevator cabins prioritize user comfort. We also provide users with a more spacious environment thanks to ventilation holes in case of power outages.

The handrail fixings can be easily clamped or replaced through the elevator car walls. This is designed to ensure the long-term satisfaction of users.

As Avrasya Elevator, we are constantly working to provide the best products and services to our customers and we are always with you.