In today’s construction industry, construction companies tend to prefer automatic elevators instead of semi-automatic elevators in their projects. This is because automatic elevators have the capacity to both add visual value to projects and offer more comfort to users.

In automatic elevators, the landing doors and the car door inside the elevator car are equipped with panels that open left, right or centrally. These panels can move automatically. When the elevator car arrives at the desired floor, the elevator doors open automatically and offer users a comfortable entrance before moving. Likewise, the doors close automatically when the elevator car reaches the desired floor.

The person using the elevator presses the corresponding button to call the elevator from the floor they are on. The elevator automatically opens its doors when it reaches the relevant floor. The doors close automatically after a certain time after the user enters the elevator cabin. The user presses the buttons for the floor they want to go up or down. After a short time the elevator moves automatically. The rider informs the passengers on which floors the elevator will stop by leaving the light of the previously pressed buttons on. When approaching the desired floor, the elevator automatically reduces its speed and stops when it reaches the floor door, automatically opening its doors.

As the elevator moves up or down, it also stops at the floors where users want to use the elevator by pressing the call button. It automatically stores all these calls for use in its memory, so that a large number of people can use the elevator. The elevator automatically shuts itself off until a new call is received.

In case of power outages, the elevator reaches the nearest floor thanks to the landing unit and opens its doors automatically. When closing the doors, if the elevator detects an obstacle between the doors through photocells, it automatically opens the doors. For this reason, automatic elevators offer a safer usage experience.

It should be noted that regular periodic maintenance of automatic elevators should be carried out by authorized elevator maintenance companies. Human life is above all else and therefore the safety and performance of elevators is of paramount importance.