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Our company, whose customer satisfaction-oriented foundations are based on the 2000s and established as of 2022, continues to work in accordance with quality, performance, reasonable price and world standards in elevator design, manufacturing and sales, and is confidently moving towards its goals.

In addition to our ongoing services throughout Turkey, we continue our activities actively in countries around the world.
It continues to add strength to customer satisfaction with the Warranty Assurance it provides as well as Periodic Maintenance Services after sales and delivery.

With the establishment of Avrasya Elevator, it started Total Quality Management studies and aimed to make quality a standard service in the sector it serves.

The method known as Total Quality Management, or TQM for short, is the systematic and institutionalized approach to ensure the quality of people, work, products and/or services used to fulfill customer needs with the contribution of all employees. In every process implemented in this management style, the ideas and goals of all employees are used and all employees are involved in quality.

Elegantly designed, problem-free elevators. Adapting all the blessings of technology to your elevators is a product of our understanding of quality.

Avrasya Elevator @ 2023.

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